The symbol behind the brand.


Bracken is a tall fern that grows wild in the region of England where our founder Colin Miller was born and raised. This genus of plant is known as one of the most successful ferns, and thrives on every continent of the globe except Antarctica. It’s characterized by its large, highly divided leaves.

The leaves of a bracken are an example of a fractal. A fractal is repeating mathematical set that can exist in nature. A bracken constructs its leaves with expanding symmetry, increasing its special volume by a power that’s not an integer but a number known as the fractal dimension. Read the Wikipedia article on fractals for more details on how they work in math, nature, and technology.

To us bracken leaves represent the coming together of biology and mathematics to produce rapid growth. As a company, this is exactly how we serve our customers. By bringing together life sciences expertise and a data-backed approach to digital marketing - biology and math - we provide services that enable businesses to grow wider and faster.