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A Powerful Free Tool That Allows You to Interact with the World's Clinical Trial Activity

 What can you leverage for your business with over 10 million pharma datapoints at your fingertips?

There is no industry where big data provides more value than pharmaceuticals. See for yourself with TrialFinder Lite, a free version of our most popular tool, TrialFinder (pictured). It runs off our database containing information on over 250,000 trials, and allows you to build entire tables of relevant clinical trial data in just a few clicks. 

In TrialFinder Lite, you'll be able to visualize and filter our database by criteria such as:

  • TrialFinder screen.pngGeographic region
  • Therapeutic area
  • Study start date
  • Recruiting status
  • Sponsor type (industry, government, other)

And create tables with a single-click that provide you with:

  • Names of clinical trials
  • Sponsors
  • Trial site data
  • Key dates
  • NCT ID

and more.

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