Training and Workshops

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Give a team some leads, and they’ll feed sales for a day. Give a team a workshop, and they’ll learn how to get more leads for a lifetime. 

This timeless adage rings true for those who have been a part of Bracken workshops. You see, we’re so passionate about growing businesses, that we don’t fuss whether we are the ones doing the work, or whether you want us to teach you how we do it all. 

Methodical workshops for any revenue growth needs.

Our team of experts are a client-friendly bunch. Hence, we’re all in a growth services business. So, in addition to being experts in growth services, we also have a passion for teaching and directing teams on these tactics. We offer workshops around any of the services we offer. 

What's better, a training or a workshop? We provide either format.

A workshop we think of as a longer, one-time session. It’s perfect for teams where scheduling is tough, and you want to get through all the content in one go; or for a complicated project where there’s no other way to get the work done but to assemble in a room, face-to-face, and go to town on some whiteboards. 

A training could be synonymous with a workshop, but training could also be done via video calls, and over multiple sessions. Take for example our ‘Pipeline Generation Training’. This is a process of meeting with your business development team once a week for 4 to 6 weeks. We find this cadence allows for the concepts to be implemented and practiced bit by bit, which makes for great retention of the learning, and greater results for your business. It may also be more forgiving on your schedule.

Your people are your business. Upgrade their knowledge and see what happens. 


It’s all about you. Let’s dive in.

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