Our Team

Colin G. Miller


Previously: Bioclinica, Bona Fide Ltd, Syntex Research, Proctor & Gamble Pharmaceuticals

Ph.D, Fellow of the Institute of Clinical Research, Chartered Scientist

Elliot Miller

Managing Partner


Elliot is passionate about growing businesses through aggressive digital marketing tactics, and currently pursues this passion as Partner and Chief Marketer at Bracken Marketing. His previous roles have included small startups, major b2b tech players, and project managing across VC portfolios.

When asked about how and why his career brought him to joining the Bracken founding team he states: “The high-tech industry I once worked in became overcrowded. But now is the perfect time to apply the marketing strategies developed in this sector to digital health, pharma services, and eclinical teams. I find these teams have more opportunity than any other industry to use thoughtful marketing for differentiating from competitors, disrupting large yet slow competitors, capturing market share, and growing revenue.”

Ben Mitchell

VP of Operations

Ben is our resident advertiser, reporting guru, and growth specialist. Previously, he worked in healthcare IT project management, managed Google Advertising at a startup agency, and built his own advertising agency, The Brite Mind. His passion for analytics and efficiency constantly pushes him to automate processes and look for new ways to help his clients and his team succeed.
In his spare time, Ben is an improv comedian, Celtics fanatic, climber, hiker, and photographer. He’s an adventure seeker, with a passion for trying new things.

Adam Schwind

Marketing Services Director

Adam is driven by the philosophy that good business reaches far beyond revenue generation, his focus remains on building meaningful relationships that result in strategic partnerships.  Adam joins us after working as an Account Manager and in Business Development for another agency.  His international MBA partnered with his prior work experience provides a unique perspective.  In his free time, he enjoys playing with his young family and is an avid sports fan, especially Michigan State University, his alma mater.   

Hannah McBride

Account Manager 

Originally from Colorado, Hannah graduated with her Bachelor’s in Business Management from the University of Nebraska in 2014. Combining her passion for sports and innate desire for building meaningful relationships, Hannah has worked as an Account Manager for the NBA, Nike, and the LPGA before joining Bracken Marketing. She enjoys problem-solving and creating authentic marketing strategies for her clients. In her free time, she enjoys golfing, watching football, home DIY projects, and spending time with her husband and two corgis in the Pacific Northwest!

Colby Stellhorn

Account Manager

Colby has been a marketing services executive for over twelve years, seven of those with an agency she founded that is still thriving today. Prior to starting her own agency, Colby worked as a Director of Sales and Marketing and was responsible for developing marketing campaigns that were responsible for B2B relationships that included HSN, QVC, and other larger retail chains. From large pharma to smaller boutique CROs, Colby enjoys utilizing her digital marketing expertise to strategize and implement winning campaigns that move the needle for her accounts. In her spare time, Colby enjoys spending time with her three girls and riding horses in the mountains of North Carolina.

Caroline Welch

Account Manager

Caroline graduated from Temple University where she studied Advertising with a concentration in Copywriting. She has experience creating ads for a medical malpractice law firm and development for an internet startup. Her passion for developing and maintaining relationships led her to join our Client Services team. In her free time, Caroline enjoys outdoorsy activities such as hiking, kayaking, and fishing.

Michelle Gangwer

Account Manager

Michelle’s previous experience comes from owning her own marketing/advertising agency for eight years before merging with another digital marketing agency and serving as the VP of operations for 12 years. She loves to think “outside of the box” and come up with creative, individualized marketing plans that enable clients to reach the next level. In her spare time, Michelle is a huge foodie, loves fine dining with her husband, gardening, cooking, her new home in Glendon, PA and her two labs – Shelby Lee and Wilee B.

Kathryn Minzola

Advertising Manager 

Kathryn graduated from DeSales University with her Bachelor’s in Business Administration in 2014. Coming from an agency; Kathryn has always been driven by helping clients achieve their marketing goals and is always up for a new challenge. She has a great personal demeanor and enjoys working closely with both clients and her teammates. In her free time, she enjoys spending quality time with her husband and young son, taking on home DIY projects, spending time outdoors, shopping, and traveling!

Annie Liljegren

Content Director 

Annie's approach to content direction, development, and strategy is informed by her origins as a Salesforce admin coupled with an academic background. A firm believer that quality content begins with quality research, Annie spent several years teaching college composition, rhetoric, and speech to STEM/life science majors. Areas of special interest include "dialogue-centric" collateral presenting information via conversation: podcasts, success stories, or a well-crafted print interview.

Maddie Loverich

Junior Copywriter

Maddie graduated from Linfield University in May 2022 with a degree in journalism and media studies. Her time at Linfield brought numerous opportunities to gain valuable communications experience, including acting as the editor-in-chief for the student newspaper, a social media management position with a local government, and various other copywriting roles. In her free time, the Washington State native can be found at any given sporting event, going to the movies, or enjoying live music.

Bridget Lennon

Account Coordinator 

Bridget graduated from Penn State in May 2021 where she studied marketing and digital media trends and analytics. She ran her own photography business during college and was a marketing intern with her local hospital. Bridget joins as her first full-time job and is excited about her career in Life Science Marketing. In her free time, you can find Bridget traveling to new areas, taking photos, or scouring thrift stores for vintage clothes.

Mary Blythe

Product Manager 

Mary graduated from the University of Tennessee in August 2017 where she studied marketing and management. After graduation, she worked with various organizations to gain hands-on experience in writing marketing content and creating successful social media campaigns. Mary joins us after completing a Master of Marketing degree in New Zealand. In her free time, you can find Mary traveling to new areas, hiking, or relaxing at the beach.

Jaeke Barkin


Specializing in healthcare data, Jaeke Barkin is a software engineer who is passionate about all things “data.” Whether Jaeke is precisely molding clinical trial records for use in a CRM, or building comprehensive end-to-end data pipelines customers can rely on, he meticulously ensures that current data is always easily accessible to Bracken's clients. After interning at Bracken for over a year, he joined the company full-time in February. Jaeke divides his time between Rhode Island and O'ahu, and when he's not reading up on decentralized computing or hardware virtualization, he's working on pet projects, enjoying music, or snorkeling in the Pacific Ocean.

Allyson Pauly

Sales Enablement Specialist

Allyson graduated from Pennsylvania State University with a degree in Strategic Communication. Since graduating, she has had successful experience collaborating with clients in the Life Science, Biotech, and Diagnostic industries. Her passion is building strong relationships in order to assist clients in growing their business and enabling them to make an impact on patients’ lives worldwide. Outside of the workplace, Allyson spends her time hiking with her two dogs, participating in multiple disciplines of equestrian riding, and camping.

Lori Hahn

Office Manager 

In addition to working for the Law School Admission Council, in financial services, and, most recently, in elementary education for 15 years, Lori has held several administrative support roles during her career. In her free time, Lori enjoys spending as much time as possible "down the shore" with her husband and four grown children, working on DIY projects, and shopping for bargains.

Renju Thomas

Office Manager

BS Degree in Computer Science with a minor in Mathematics from Chicago.
Created and ran a business in the promotional products industry for several years. Love of numbers and detail-oriented nature segued into Office Management and Bookkeeping for several companies. Passion for volunteer work in the community and schools. Love being at the beach and the Jersey Shore. Enjoy reading books and belong to several book clubs. On a journey to learn new things and discover new talents such as painting and becoming a master Archer.

Jen Yip

Digital Health Consultant

Jen's experience includes direct tenures as head of marketing, and product and project manager at firms including top tier healthcare and consulting firms. She has a 15+ year track record of delivering on strategic engagements in the healthcare space including projects for large pharma, eClinical, and services stakeholders. As a consultant, she combines her background in project and product management with expertise in the digital marketing landscape to bring results to her clients. 

Karen McCandless

Copywriting Specialist

Karen is a seasoned writer and digital marketing professional who specializes in B2B software and business communication. Karen has a passion for words and explaining technical concepts in easy-to-use language. When not typing frantically at her laptop, she enjoys trying new brunch spots, browsing second-hand bookshops, and going on last minute minibreaks.

Alex Dunn

Media Specialist

"Alex is a Media Specialist from sunny St. Petersburg, Florida. He has been fully ingrained in all matters of inbound creative since 2014, and focuses primarily on helping clients engage audiences with video content, graphic design, and original written content. A graduate of the University of South Florida, his biggest strengths come from understanding the full suite of inbound services; how a killer email subject line can set the precedent for a successful video campaign, and so on. His passion for the industry stems from a genuine excitement for the current state and future of communications. He feels that today is the most exciting day in the history of human communication — at least until tomorrow."

Joanna Owens


Joanna is a freelance science communicator with more than 20 years’ experience writing for a wide range of scientific, public, patient and business audiences. She has worked at Elsevier, Nature Publishing Group and Cancer Research UK. Her scientific background is a strange brew of microbiology, toxicology and pharmacology. She has written on topics ranging from how fruit bats find the energy for flight, to the need for patient-centered care models in healthcare.

Daphne Steck


Daphne is a freelance writer and developmental editor with over twenty years’ experience producing high-quality content—including websites (from the ground up), blogs, marketing, and corporate collateral—for diverse readerships in the healthcare, high tech, business, and nonprofit sectors. Her experience includes creating and managing social media content with the demonstrable expansion of reach and impact. She mitigates the roadblocks of information overload and reader time constraints by distilling key points, creating compelling storylines, and translating complex topics into clear, concise prose.

Laurie Harrington


Originally a journalist, Laurie started her career as a reporter for Forbes. She later segued into advertising and marketing. Beginning in 2001, she worked for a series of advertising agencies servicing the pharmaceutical industry. She rose through the ranks to become group creative director at Ogilvy in New York by 2009. Her clients have included AbbVie, Merck, Pfizer, and Roche among many others. As a marketing communications consultant, Laurie offers more than 20 years of professional experience combined with first-rate story-telling and copywriting skills.

John Foti


After many years touring as a musician, John pursued his writing interests and now has over 15 years of diverse clinical and pharmaceutical advertising experience across many therapeutic areas. As an associate creative director, he's worked with Pfizer, Baxter, Janssen, Galderma, AbbVie, and others, to help create impactful digital and multi-channel initiatives across global and US portfolios.

Tracey Tassinari

Graphic Designer

Tracey Tassinari is a graphic designer based in beautiful Denver, Colorado. Originally from Connecticut, she has an educational background in both marketing and graphic design from The University of Connecticut, allowing her to bridge the gap between aesthetics and strategic results. She has been working in the digital and branding world for over 5 years now, working on small to large scale website designs and branding projects. A unique combination of thoughtfulness and playfulness is integral to her design process and she values positive and productive communication so that she can get close to the projects and people she works with.

OUR Story

Learn about how the marketing agency for digital health came to be.

In 2015, our parent company, BrackenData, was founded by bringing together a team with a skillset that spanned data science, clinical research, management, executive sales, and growth marketing.

Bracken is a fern that thrives in countries across 6 continents, including in the UK where our founder/CEO Colin Miller grew up.

This fern grows in a fractal pattern, similarly to how our first big data solutions were architected. The plant embodies the concepts of data, life, and growth. This was a perfect fit for our new data analytics company, and little did we know it would be a perfect fit for our upcoming growth agency.

After a year of growing and succeeding with BrackenData, we realized just how passionate we were about growing tech businesses in the health and life science industries. And so, we created an agency that leveraged our strength at the crosshairs of tech and life science, and Bracken Marketing was born. Today we work with dozens of companies in the industry to provide data-driven revenue growth.

Bracken Marketing combines:

  • Traditional marketing tactics that work for life sciences companies
  • Digital sales and marketing techniques that generate mass awareness and lead volumes
  • Data science abilities to customize intelligence tools for clients
  • Web design and development specialization

The result is a multi-pronged approach that outperforms single-approach competitors.

We are in a unique position to take a holistic look at sales, marketing, and beyond, and strategize revenue growth for businesses.

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