You know you should be using it - but what works for them won't work for you.


Social media marketing is the great business buzzword of the last decade. Your family tells you to do it. Your investors probably do too. But it's hard to create a social media program that drives measurable impact for your business. Social media marketing is never a one-size-fits-all approach. You need a custom strategy.

Our primary goal when conducting social media for clients is to first cut out the noise. Your Facebook page and Instagram feeds are not going to drive business.

With diligent research we find the niche online communities where your ideal buyers are active, and penetrate with aggressive content distribution programs.

Our strategy works. Last year we organically generated over 8,000 visitors, 200 blog subscribers, and 70 sales opportunities from social media for a single client. We can do the same for you.

When you signup for a social media marketing program with Bracken Marketing, we analyze your business landscape and deliver a brief containing a customized social media strategy.

We'll also develop the reporting infrastructure to measure success at every stage.

If you need marketing that generates traffic, converts leads, and builds sales opportunities, then you need Bracken Marketing to build your social media program.

Take the First Step to Building a Social Media Program That Works

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Complete the form to signup for a 30-minute consultation with one of our social media experts. During this meeting we'll take the time to understand your specific business environment, analyze social media opportunities, and help you develop tactics that will get results.

We are standing by to answer questions about:

  • Which social media networks to use
  • What kind of content to create
  • How to set social media marketing goals
  • How to conduct research on social media behavior
  • Which success metrics to track
  • How to measure business impact

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