Social Media Marketing

Start More Conversations

Social media is more than just a place to share cat videos and photos of your lunch. It’s an important marketing channel where you can engage with your audienceprovide an opinion on industry news, and showcase your expertise.  

Whether you want to generate brand awareness, build relationships, or drive website visits (or a combination of all three), social media is the place to do it. Let’s look at the stats: 

  • LinkedIn has more than 660 million users worldwide 
  • Instagram has more than 120 million users in the US 
  • Twitter has an audience reach of 59.35 million users in the US alone

    Once the domain of young and trendy B2C businesses, forward-looking digital health companies are trying out new and emerging channels such as TikTok while constantly experimenting and optimizing their strategies.

Social Media for Digital Health

Social media has become an important channel for finding and sharing health-related content. From sharing updates about the coronavirus to looking for tips on wellness to searching for symptoms, digital health companies have an opportunity to become the go-to resource on social media.  

Most digital health companies have got into the social media game by now, but most still aren’t using it to the fullest; only sharing company updates and talking about themselves.  

If you want to transform your company’s social media presence, you need to be posting regularly and focusing on starting conversations, rather than one-way dialogue.  

While it’s crucial to follow industry rules and regulations, that’s no excuse for not putting your company out there. The first step in supercharging your social media presence and getting results involves creating a strategy.  

There’s a lot to think about, but there are essential elements you need to include in your plan: 

  • Channels 
  • Goals – clicks, impressions, visits, mentions) 
  • Style and tone-of-voice – text and visuals
  • Frequency of posts 
  • Resources – who will manage your accounts and how much time will they spend on it? 
  • Listening – are you moderating and responding to comments? 
  • Tracking – are you meeting your goals?  

Trust in Bracken Marketing

At Bracken Marketing, we get results. In just one year, we generated more than 8000 website visitors, 200 blog subscribers, and 70 sales opportunities from social media for a single client.  

Our team of social media superstars know how to build a strategy that is in-line with your values, audience, and goals. The services we provide include: 

  • Copywriting 
  • Design 
  • List growth 
  • Account management 
  • Monthly reports

We can help you put patients at the center of everything you do by listening, engaging in conversations, and informing your audience by sharing informative and reputable content.  


"Generic" Is Not in Our Vocabulary. It Shouldn't Be in Your Blog.

We inform, educate, and convert through original blog content. Our strategy is to research and target your audience's pain points and then create content that leads them to your solutions.

Meet Growth Goals Faster with Targeted Advertising

Unique customers come with unique needs and interests. Our team can create the advertising strategy built to attract them and deliver higher revenue faster.

Buyer Persona Development
Successful Growth Strategies Begin with Effective Persona Targeting

Customizing your marketing strategy to target specific personas will help attract qualified leads and generate revenue. We help you achieve a deeper understanding of your buyers to create marketing materials that resonate with them.

Success Begins When the Right Audience Can Find You

A winning Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy will have the right audience finding your business. SEO is a complex and always evolving process. We'll develop and implement your SEO strategy to maximize your online presence.

Give Your Content a Design Boost that Delivers Results

Inject life into your content with a powerfully designed infographic. Impress leads and partners while delivering important information. Our team can produce the perfect combination of attractive design and compelling content.

eBooks & Whitepapers
Use Your Expertise to Build a Brand that People Trust

Sometimes a blog post or email campaign won't cut it. eBooks and whitepapers give you the opportunity to provide a depth of information that establishes your credibility and leadership in your market. Our team of medical writers and marketers will help you create this valuable content and get it in front of key decision makers.


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