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"I don't think many business people out there realize how powerful social media advertising really is right now. Ad placements are cheap, people actually convert on them, the targeting possibilities are endless, and you can collect demographic information directly from the market you can't get anywhere else." - Elliot Miller, Chief Marketer

Many business in the biopharma ecosystem don't see social media advertising as a savvy business move. After all Facebook seems like a great place for dog photos not business content... right? And your biotech services company is too technical for a Facebook user to clickthrough... right? Not quite.

The truth is your company sells to humans. Humans with their own jobs and work-related challenges who are open to interesting content or solutions on the matter regardless of where they read about it. Social media advertising is a great way to get directly in front of these humans.

Still concerned about hitting the right audience? Consider that pharma executives are consuming increasing volumes of content via social networks like Facebook and Linkedin.

Social media advertising platforms also provide advanced targeting techniques that allow you to keep costs low. In fact, you can set your own cost thresholds to make sure campaigns stay withing your limit. Then segment your ads by geography, demographics, buying behavior, or previous interactions with your website to scale a personalized experience.

Finally, the traffic and leads aren't the only value you'll derive from a methodically structure social ad campaign. The insights you can collect about your audience are huge. Test different words and images to see what resonates best with the market. Receive information like age, location, and job function of those who click. Setup analytics to track these users through your entire sales process, and find out which content has generated the best customers. All of this information can be used to go back to your marketing channels, not just social, and make improvements.

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