Getting found online begins and ends with Search Engine Optimization.


Go after the lowest hanging fruit when it comes to getting in front of professionals researching for topics related to your services.

Our SEO (search engine optimization) audit involves crawling every page on your site to find structural changes to be made that will improve performance and remove penalties per Google and Bing algorithms.

Structural changes include optimizing image sizes, changing URLs, fixing broken links, adding content to your site, conforming HTML and CSS to best practices, and more.

Keyword research will involve analyzing your existing performance and competitive landscape around target keywords. We'll ask for your favorite keywords, and generate our own list of 100-200 keywords to track.

After our research is complete we'll deliver a document that includes:

  • Everything found in our SEO audit
  • How you stack up to our proprietary SEO checklist
  • Evaluations of your domain performance
  • SEO metrics you can use to track progress
  • Search volume, competitive metrics, and current rankings for each of the 100-200 keywords in your unique keyword list

Together we will take findings from the research to optimize your site and craft an online content program that will engage buyers in the research process. As a result, you will win sales opportunities away from your competitors.

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