Analyzing data is the only way to optimize your sales process.

You need a reporting infrastructure that can provide valuable granular data but doesn’t require manual input from your team. You need to know exactly where in your sales process leads are falling off, and where your strongest conversion points are. You need to know how to play to your sales rep’s strengths, and which marketing channels are generating the best sales opportunities.

44% of salespeople give up after one follow-up while 80% of sales require five follow ups.
— Scripted Services

In today’s world you need robust sales reporting that provide answers to the questions your sales leaders and executive team ask. We can set you up with all of this, and help you make data-backed decisions that will steer you towards repeatable revenue growth, and away from poorly performing activities.

Use the form to talk to us about sales reporting, and we’ll walk you through exactly how we provide our clients with insights into:

  • Lead generation by marketing channel
  • Sales pipeline value and growth
  • Sales rep activity metrics such as number of calls and emails
  • Conversion rates throughout the sales process
  • Goal setting
  • Reverse engineering revenue goals into sales milestones
  • Sales cycle
  • Average deal value

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