The difference between a good and a great PPC campaign can mean hundreds of leads and thousands of dollars.


It's enticing to setup Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising on networks like Google Adwords and yourself. With a few text ads in place and a list keywords to target, you can begin getting extra traffic to your website. But be warned! PPC networks are intricate systems, setup on an electronic auction system, designed to suck money from those who don't understand the nuances of whats at play.

Hiring an experienced firm to create and optimize PPC ads for you will pay dividends. Not just in the advertising budget you will save, but with the quality of traffic you generate with proper keyword and bidding systems in place.

High quality PPC traffic can set your sales team up for success. While mismanaged PPC campaigns can result in large amounts of wasted cash.

When we setup PPC campaigns for clients we start by taking the time to understand their business, what kind of individuals they'd like to convert into website visitors and sales leads, and the internet behavior of these individuals. This is the first step to creating marketing that sets sales teams up for success.

When it comes to sharing our expertise on PPC mechanics, we can assist with the whole package, including:

  • Evaluating which PPC networks to use
  • Planning goals and budgets
  • Creating ads that convert
  • Optimizing targeting and ad placement of existing campaigns
  • Daily monitoring and tweaking of keyword bids
  • Developing landing pages that converts traffic from the ad
  • Improving quality score to drive down costs
  • Evaluating negative keyword options to optimize ad spend
  • Training your team on campaign structure best practices

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