Partnering with powerful brands give our clients access to the very best.


Sometimes clients need to pair our web design, digital marketing, and sales enablement programs with additional services. We are proud to work with the following brands and give clients front-door access to a breadth of specialties.



HubSpot is an all-in-one sales and marketing software that makes it easier for teams to create marketing programs that people love.

We are a certified HubSpot partner marketing agency.




BrackenData, our sister company, creates clinical trial intelligence systems that save life science teams hours on research, sales, and clinical development processes.

We are proud to provide our clients access to BrackenData's award winning analytics solutions. Talk to us about the opportunity to build your custom dashboards containing pharma and marketing data together.


Stranexa Consulting

StraNexa Biopharm Advisors

StraNexa LLC is a strategic commercialization consultancy that brings a wealth of expertise in communications and commercialization strategy and tactics to the biopharm ecosystem.

We confer with StraNexa for insights into go-to-market challenges for biopharma teams, meaning that after being crafted by our in-house marketing talent, our biopharma clients’ marketing programs are expertly reviewed by a best-in-class consultancy.


Sciencia Consulting

Sciencia Consulting

Sciencia Consulting is an agency that specializes in market research and product marketing for biotechnology and medical device companies.

Bracken Marketing is excited to collaborate with Sciencia for biotechnology clients who have robust market research and strategic positioning requirements.



jwEinstein Strategic Messaging

jwEinstein is an agency that specializes in non-digital marketing services for the biotechnology space, including key-messaging development and printed marketing materials.

We're proud to extend jwEinstein's services to our clients who want to attach non-digital aspects to a Bracken Marketing program.


JKB Designs (1).png

JKB Creative

JKB Creative is an established single-proprietor web design shop who specializes in producing and managing boutique-quality websites to small businesses who want to take their brand to the next level.

JKB Creative consults our web design services and produces custom designed web assets for each client.