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Meet the people behind the brand. 

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Colin G. Miller
Bracken CEO

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Previously: Bioclinica, Bona Fide Ltd, Syntex Research, Proctor & Gamble Pharmaceuticals

Ph.D, Fellow of the Institute of Clinical Research, Chartered Scientist


Elliot Miller
Chief Marketer

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Elliot is passionate about growing businesses through aggressive digital marketing tactics, and currently pursues this passion as Partner and Chief Marketer at Bracken Marketing. His previous roles have included small startups and large B2B tech players alike. Most notably on the HubSpot marketing team 2013-2014, and later with InsightSquared, a major analytics vendor in the ecosystem.

When asked about how and why his career brought him to joining the Bracken founding team he states:

“The software industry I once worked in has become overcrowded. But now is the perfect time to apply the marketing strategies developed in this sector to pharma and biotech teams. I find life science teams have more opportunity than any other industry to use digital marketing for differentiating from competitors, capturing market share, and growing revenue.”


Jenny-Kate Barkin
Director of Project + Content Management

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With a Bachelor's degree in Theatre Arts and a Master's in Elementary Education, Jenny-Kate has worn many hats, which include television production and teaching kindergarten. After working in both the television studio and classroom, Jenny-Kate migrated toward a more remote lifestyle to suit her "wandering spirit," and subsequently, dove into the world of web design and management.


Kurt Mueller
Chief Commercial Advisor

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Known for his strategic ability to grow emerging and mature businesses, Kurt has a proven track record of bridging digital technology and marketing to the pharma and biotech sectors for companies including Pfizer, Allergan, Astellas, BMS, Inspire Medical Systems, University of California Clinical Cancer Research Center, and The Institute for Safe Medication Practices.

From starting up, growing and selling a California-based software company to acquiring, expanding and selling a life sciences marketing agency, Kurt is an executive leader that brings with him the business acumen required to serve as an executive connector and senior advisor to our biopharma and biotech customers.

His specialties span a broad range of areas, including: Commercial Brand Planning, Business Strategy and Growth Acceleration, Team Building, Management Coaching, Customer Experience Design and Direct Response Marketing, Account-Based Marketing, and Strategic Workshop Design & Facilitation.

Kurt is a recognized pioneer and thought-leader in digital health and biotech – recognized as a PharmaVOICE Top 100 “Healthcare Marketer”, is an author often featured in PM360, MM&M, PharmaVOICE and can be found speaking at industry events such as ePatient Connections, Digital Pharma West and PanAgora Pharma.

As a former Formula 2000 and Formula Mazda racecar driver, Kurt’s alter ego is Ayrton Senna. Senna studied every aspect of the sport, his competition, and challenged every rule and convention in his relentless pursuit to accelerate and win. Constantly trying new things, testing, failing, learning, optimizing, and testing again is what made him one of the most winning and famous racecar drivers of all time.

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JP Olandez
Graphic Designer

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JP has been designing for more than 10 years. He's based in metro Manila, the capital of the Philippines. After working as a Corporate Graphic Designer for a year, he pursued a career in Freelance Graphic Design. He's worked with various businesses: real estate, interior design and law firms, retail, wellness products and many more. He specializes in Photoshop and InDesign and his favorite thing to design is Branding for Startups.


Karen McCandless

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Karen has more than ten years' experience in the B2B and B2C software industry. After starting out in newspaper journalism, she moved into the world of B2B publishing, editing retail and manufacturing technology magazines. Karen also has experience writing reviews of desktop and mobile software.


Ciaran Cooper
Business Development Strategist

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Ciaran Cooper is an executive with over twenty years’ experience in senior level management. He has built his career in the clinical trials industry, with an emphasis on developing and delivering technology-based clinical trials services. Ciaran has held leadership roles from general management and operations, to marketing communications, business development, and partnership alliance management. Ciaran is a two-time graduate of Bennington College, where he received both his BA and his MFA in writing. He is also a graduate of the Tuck Executive Program (TEP) at the Dartmouth Tuck School of Business.


Ben Mitchell
Advertising Specialist

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Ben is all about efficiency. By building a smarter funnel and automating pieces like reporting and optimization, you can spend more time strategizing and scaling your marketing efforts. Ultimately this allows you to produce better, repeatable results. Ben has worked in IT project management, managed Google Advertising at a startup agency, developed digital marketing software, and worked as a freelance marketer. Through the years he’s encountered a lot of different projects, challenges, and people, but no matter what he is always looking for ways to build out efficient systems to complete those projects, overcome those challenges, and help those people.

In his spare time, Ben performs Improv Comedy, roots heavily for the Celtics, and enjoys finding new adventures. Hike the Grand Canyon, go on a road trip around the US, finish all ten seasons of Friends, there are no adventures too big or too small. There are so many unique experiences in this world that are easy to miss if you’re not looking, so why not just try everything!


Ann Bartz

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Ann served as a staff copy editor for several award-winning Time Inc. magazines for more than a decade, then moved into the dot-com world at, where she began writing for the web and print publications. She has been freelancing as an editor and copywriter for a wide range of international clients for about five years.


Jenny Chik
PhD, Life Science Writer

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After completing her PhD in Australia, Jenny worked for two years as a postdoctoral fellow at the University of British Columba (UBC) in Vancouver, Canada, before transitioning into science writing. Her research background is in biochemistry, glycomics and proteomics. Currently, she divides her time as a biomedical writer at ICORD (International Collaboration on Repair Discoveries) in UBC and freelancing. She enjoys communicating different ‘stories’ in life sciences to academics, business professionals and the general public.


Emily Crow
PhD, Life Science Writer

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Emily is a skilled and enthusiastic scientific communicator with a background in molecular biology and in-depth knowledge of a wide range of biomedical disciplines. She has considerable experience in scientific writing, editing, and translation, and has previously worked for top-tier universities and publishers such as Northwestern University and Nature Publishing Group. Her professional priority is to promote and facilitate scientific communication, and she has a particular interest in working with scientists for whom English is not a first language.


Alison Halliday
PhD, Life Science Writer

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After completing an undergraduate degree in Biochemistry & Genetics, Alison was awarded her PhD in Human Molecular Genetics. She carried out five years as a Senior Postdoctoral Research Fellow, investigating the genes involved in a childhood obesity syndrome. Moving into science communications, she spent ten years at Cancer Research UK. She now specialises in writing about research across the life sciences, medicine and health.


Charlotte Harrison
PhD, Life Science Writer

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Charlotte divides her time between freelance science writing and working as a scientific programme manager at the University of Kent. She has previously worked at Nature Publishing group, Pfizer and the University of Michigan. Her scientific background is in pharmacology and cell biology.

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Joanna Owens
PhD, Life Science Writer

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Versatile and reliable communicator with nearly 20 years’ experience writing for a wide range of scientific, public, patient and business audiences. Comfortable with wide-reaching topics from biosciences, engineering and physical sciences, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology to business, policy and healthcare.

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Man Tsuey Tse
PhD, Life Science Writer

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After Man's PhD., which investigated DNA vaccine delivery to the lungs, she realized that life as a bench scientist was not for her and combined her love of reading and science and stepped into scientific publishing. After 7 great years with Nature Reviews Drug Discovery (a journal published by Nature Publishing Group), first as a copyeditor and then an associate editor, Man leaped into the freelance world – prompted by a move from the UK to Trinidad.

Now back in the UK, she applies her skills and experiences to various editing and writing projects, but she's always willing to learn to self-improve and grow.