Colin Miller

Colin Miller | President

Previously Bioclinica | Bona Fide Ltd | Syntex Research | Proctor & Gamble Pharmaceuticals

Ph.D, Fellow of the Institute of Clinical Research, Chartered Scientist

Wears many hats but doesn't actually usually wear a hat.



James Mielke | Chief Technology Officer

Previously Rutgers | Bristol Myers-Squibb | Medarex | The McGraw-Hill Companies

Served on The White House Big Data Initiative and as a Federal Commissioner for Cloud Technology.

A numbers guy who thinks the law of averages is mean.

James Mielke

Elliot Miller

Elliot Miller | Chief Marketer

Previously HubSpot | InsightSquared | EveryClinicalTrial

Uses growth marketing to build seven-figure sales pipeline.

Once gave an elevator pitch on an escalator.



Mary Talmadge-Grebenar | Content Manager

Previously Bristol Myers Squibb | Dupont-Merck

Calls on a background of information science, project management, and systems implementation to understand that it's the small details that work together to accomplish the objectives of all stakeholders.

Makes a mean low-hanging fruit salad.

Mary TG wider outline.jpg