Learn about how the marketing agency for biopharma came to be. 

In 2015 our founding team comprised of an executive pharmaceutical consultant, a master of data science, a CRO sales executive, an IT infrastructure expert, and a technical software marketer came together and created BrackenData, an analytics company for the biotech industry.

After generating over 10,000 web site visits, contracts with big pharma and small biotechs alike, and hundreds of thousands in sales pipeline value in under 6 months, this team understood that it could use its passion for data and business building to drive revenue growth for organizations across the industry.

In 2016, our key sales and marketing players branched off from the software business of BrackenData, to help others leverage our proven sales and marketing methodologies.

Bracken Marketing combines:

•Traditional marketing tactics that work for life sciences companies
•Digital sales and marketing techniques that generate mass awareness and lead volumes
•Data science abilities to customize intelligence tools for clients.

The result is a three-pronged sales and marketing approach that outperforms single-approach competitors.

We continue to develop clinical trial intelligence tools, and offer it to clients at-cost via our sister company, BrackenData.