Business decisions require complete, reliable information.

We can build the data-capturing infrastructure, train your team on metrics and interpretations, and create the dashboards that let you see into how your business is doing in real-time. We also take the time to get to know your team to understand which qualitative information is most important.

Our expertise in marketing technology also allows us to help you evaluate which tools you'll want to be using for analytics, and which are a wasted investment.

How we conceptualize the digital marketing infrastructure. We know how to measure and plan success for each component, and the bigger picture. Click to enlarge.

With our marketing reporting services, it will be our task to retrieve your team insights into things like:

  • Traffic acquisition by channel
  • Traffic behavior
  • Traffic behavior by site page or blog post
  • Social media activity and engagement
  • Traffic quality metrics
  • Website-to-sales conversion rate
  • Marketing email performance
  • Lead generation from marketing activities
  • Lead qualification rates
  • Marketing-to-sales conversion rate
  • Sales funnel metrics
  • Sales activity highlights
  • Goal setting and tracking

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Our marketing specialists are standing by to discuss reporting matters such as:

  • Which tools you should be using to track metrics
  • Which metrics to track and why
  • How to build dashboards that update in real-time

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