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That's what allows us to setup flows such as lead nurturing streams or contact database segmentation. We use the data you already have on-file, data we can automatically collect, and triggers from people interacting with your brand to direct leads through the sales and marketing process in an efficient and seemingly personal manner.

An Example of What Marketing Automation Can Do

The Experience

1. Susan comes across your blog post on Twitter.

Behind the Scenes

1. Tweets on your top-performing blog posts have been publishing on Twitter from your company account automatically, every four hours, for the last month.

2. After reading through 50% of the post she is prompted to subscribe to your blog. She does.

2. A smart call-to-action looks at the behavior of a user on your blog post to identify the best time to prompt them to subscribe.

3. Susan becomes an avid reader of your blog, and opens most of your blog subscription emails.

3. When a new email address is added to your contact database, the system looks for publicly available information to match the email with things like name, company name, company data, twitter handle, linkedin profile, job title, and more.

4. Susan gets an email saying that based on the last two blog posts she's read (with the specific blog titles in the email), she'd likely be interested in hearing more on the topic directly from an expert.

4. The system has segmented your database into buyer personas based on company information, job title, and more, and reaches out to leads with a personalized email when specific actions have been taken by an individual. Criteria can be unique to each persona.

5. Susan agrees to schedule a call with an expert from your team.

5. When a lead enters the the sales process, their information is populated into a deal record where salespeople can track all interactions with your brand and an individual or entire company, to best inform and track the sales process.

6. Susan is followed up with promptly with more content on the matter, and a link to schedule future calls. Now she's seriously intrigued about your services.

6. A sales rep can trigger templated follow-ups or entire sequences with a single click, making prompt follow up on sales leads easy.

7. Two days days later Susan visits your pricing page.

7. Cookie tracking on your website, integrated to your contact database, has enabled us to send you a text whenever a hot lead is on a high-value page such as your pricing. This is an ideal time to reach back out, and work on your close.

This type of intelligent lead management could be happening simultaneously for hundreds of leads. The best part, each part of the system can be tested and improved to completely streamline your sales and marketing process.

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