CRM Integration

Build Deeper and More Productive Client Relationships with a CRM

CRMs — platforms for managing relationships with customers and prospects — are an indispensable tool for any digital business. They contain all the tools and resources needed to effectively build and maintain customer relationships, drawing on data to help streamline your marketing as much as possible.


An effective CRM helps take the load of your team, deliver a better experience to your clients, and drive your business forward.

CRM Implementation for Digital Health

In the digital health industry, where trusted relationships are crucial, CRMs are an important asset. By organizing your relationship with clients and using data effectively, you can:

  • Manage multiple clients of different types with ease, a must in the varied landscape of digital health
  • More easily cross-sell and provide additional digital health solutions to existing clients
  • Give clients more attention from multiple team members, boosting satisfaction and reducing reply time
  • In a fast-paced and busy industry, provide better service and deal quickly with issues

How Can Bracken Help?

We can help you implement your own CRM and set it up in a way that allows you to reap the benefits and navigate the various features with ease. We offer:

  • Expert marketers with in-depth knowledge of CRM technology
  • An understanding of the specific needs of digital health companies when using a CRM
  • Guidance to help your company get the most out of your CRM’s features

Inbound Marketing
Inbound Solutions that Turn Leads into Promoters

Eliminating the friction from marketing and customer experience leads to long-term relationships and higher revenue. Our team combines technical, marketing, and medical expertise to develop strategies that drive awareness, create leads, and deliver long-term customers who become your promoters.

Growth Marketing
Strategic Growth Tactics to Increase Revenue Generation

Your growth strategy is multi-faceted. We'll bring it all together with a cohesive strategy that will connect with decision makers and drive new business. It all starts with an audit.

Clear Presentations Captivate Audiences and Build Relationships

A world-class presentation can breakdown complicated material into digestible nuggets that prospects understand while piquing their interest. Our team knows how to produce presentations that help you engage with your audience and win business.


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