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How We Sourced and Automated a Six-Figure Sale from Twitter

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  • We consistently run a high-volume of content production on Twitter (90-120 tweets per account per month).

  • Our company Twitter handles have grown by over 2,100 followers in the last year.

  • Using marketing analytics, we tracked that a demo request came from a user who first found us on Twitter.

  • We used the lead intelligence gathered from the Twitter feed and demo request activity to provide a highly personalized sales experience and nurtured the lead to a marketing services deal.


The Tools Involved

  • An in-house system using spreadsheet formulas we use to curate Twitter content, insert key hashtags, insert links, and timestamp posts to schedule into the future

  • HubSpot for “bulk uploading” these tweets into our social media accounts, using the content and timestamps we provide.

  • Google Analytics and HubSpot for tracking traffic

  • for automatically engaging with Twitter users based on predetermined target keywords

  • Twitter analytics for tracking post engagement

  • HubSpot for tracking new leads by traffic source

  • Forms for collecting demo requests

  • HubSpot Workflows for automating responses to demo requests

  • HubSpot Meetings for automating the calendar booking of demos

  • HubSpot CRM for lead intelligence throughout the sales process

  • Our writing team of PhD scientists/editors has produced many high-quality blog posts, eBooks, and White Papers. We used these as writing samples for the potential client, proving that we are the right match for their marketing needs.


The Details

In 2017 we generated 884 visits to our website from Twitter, a channel that converts into new leads for us at a rate of 3%. Some of these leads are generated by users requesting a demonstration of our analytics tools provided by BrackenData, our sister company.

Last year one of these demo requests came in, and we could see from our lead intelligence in HubSpot that this lead’s original traffic source was Twitter. We could also see exactly which tweets the individual had interacted with.

What we discovered, is that this person found us because we interacted with them first. Using a tool called, our Twitter account automatically likes tweets that use certain keywords, such as “clinical trial data”. We auto-followed this user, who in turn checked out our profile and clicked through to our website.

When this lead requested a demo via our website, an automatic email from me was sent to them. It said “thank you for requesting a demonstration of our tools” among other things. It also used a link to my HubSpot Meetings App, which syncs to my calendar, so this person could book a convenient time to meet.

What this means is, the meeting showed up on my calendar at a convenient time for both parties, before I even had to do anything.

After using the information in the lead intelligence, researching the lead, and learning which tweets they found most interesting, I was able to provide a demonstration of the analytics personalized to exactly what this person was interested in.

Here’s where it gets interesting…

What I found was that this lead wanted to use our tool TrialFinder to find contact information for business development. The tool was a temporary fix to a long-term problem: the need for sales pipeline.

Once I identified the underlying problem which was related to lead generation, I knew Bracken Marketing could help.  The conversation was then moved towards how we could manage their marketing to generate a reliable sales pipeline. The following phone calls lead to a marketing services agreement. The final contract value was over ten times the price of the original analytics product requested.

We have been working with this client ever since!  Though we are keeping them anonymous in this case study it’s worth noting we love working with them. Through blogging, ebook production, and website optimization, we generated over 50 qualified leads for their sales team during the first 6 months of the program.

Now that’s a win-win!


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