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How We Launched a New 165-Page eClinical Website in 12 Weeks

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In this case study we will cover:

  1. Overview & Highlights
  2. Goals of the New Website
  3. The Process
  4. Tools Involved
  5. Related Articles  

Overview & Highlights

  • Time between redesign project kick-off and website launch was 12 weeks
  • The new website had a footprint of 165 pages
  • Entire website stuck to a single theme that produces a cohesive idea/aesthetic throughout the site
  • Website development process was executed in 5 stages

  • After launch we trained the client on how to use all tools

In early 2018 a 500-employee eClinical company approached us to redesign their website. Their existing website was outdated, and did not represent the modern, tech-savvy, and forward-thinking qualities the brand wanted to be known for. Content on that site was difficult to find, and information about their services and solutions needed an update.

12 weeks after the project started, the new site was launched. The client’s executive team deemed the website’s launch a great success!

The key success factors for this website project included:

  • Great client-agency chemistry

  • Thoughtful and dedicated work from our designers

  • Robust project management, focused on completing the project in 5 stages

  • A cohesive theme used throughout every element of the site

The cohesive theme throughout the site was key. During the pre-design process we collected information on stakeholders’ stylistic preferences and what qualities the team wanted the brand to represent. From there, we proposed themes paired with images that had a bold but simple aesthetic, elevated existing brand materials, and made an abstract connection to the team’s solutions. We prefer abstract themes for life science businesses because scientific themes, such as clinical trial imagery with lab coats and equipment, do not stand out from the crowd.

Goals of the New Website

Drive creation of new business

  • Social sharing buttons that drive traffic

  • Search engine optimization techniques to promote visibility in search results and acquire targeted traffic

  • Lead generation forms, blog subscription prompts, and CTAs that collect contact information for sales

Positive, modern image of client’s brand

  • Responsive web design for any device

  • Use of imagery throughout

  • Embedded social media features

Communicate an ease of doing business

  • Clear messaging

  • Simple intuitive navigation

  • Testimonials featured

  • Job board plugin

Central repository of information

  • Content hubs for blog, case studies, and events

  • Integrate with HubSpot and social sharing tools

  • Embed videos, or custom diagrams where possible

Facilitate business processes

  • Create a careers hub and job application system for HR

  • Maintain 100% uptime for the helpdesk and customer support system

  • Identify and develop the most advantageous structure for blogs and press releases from a marketing point-of-view

  • Make lead activity easy for the sales team to monitor


The Process


  • Project kick-off meeting

  • Project management environment and web development tools setup

  • Q&A recorded with staff

  • Color palette developed

  • Scanned entire existing website and created plan for migration of every page

  • Identified stylistic preferences with stakeholders

  • Website theme brainstormed and finalized over two calls

  • Over 100 images for the site proposed

  • Final imagery agreed on

  • Website content produced

Design Stage 1

  • Mockups or templates for all remaining pages developed

  • All remaining pages, except individual blog posts and press releases, developed

  • Animation, effects, and plug-ins implemented

  • Headshots for leadership team photoshopped for uniformity


  • Multiple rounds of review for every page conducted with stakeholders

  • All blog posts and press releases migrated

  • All URLs checked

  • 301 redirects made for any change in URL structure from previous site

  • DNS settings checked and internal IT team prepped for launch

  • New website launched


  • Every page of the site checked for bugs and formatting errors

  • HR, customer support, and lead-generation systems double-checked

  • Additional SEO measures implemented, such as submitting new sitemap to search consoles

  • Client team trained on all tools in use

  • Training calls recorded and provided to team for future reference

  • ‘New Website Owner’s Manual’ provided to client

  • Website launch announced by client’s marketing team

  • Check-in with client one month after launch to see how everything is performing


Tools Involved

  • Squarespace for website hosting

  • Original DNS hosting / registrar system maintained

  • Trello for project management

  • Various image libraries for some images. Others were custom designed

  • HubSpot for sales, marketing, customer service, and HR systems

  • MailChimp for native Squarespace integration features

  • Zapier to integrate Squarespace and MailChimp into HubSpot


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