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How We Grew Website Traffic by 400% for a Medical Imaging CRO

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In September 2018, we started working with a leading international CRO. The company has worked globally on more than 100 trials, specifically focusing on neurology, musculoskeletal, and oncology clinical studies. While the CRO has more than 20 years of service, they were looking for help competing with multinational organizations, generating new leads, and driving consistent business.

Numbers and Highlights

▪ Grew website traffic by 400% in two years.
▪ Increased domain size from 28 pages to more than 130.
▪ Ranked #1 in the US for “imaging CRO”, their goal term, in less than 9 months.
▪ Achieved a site-wide conversion rate of over 1.5% every month since October 2018.
▪ Reduced cost per lead from $300 to less than $100.
▪ Engage with 30–180 leads every month via an email newsletter.

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Challenge: Compete with Multinational Organizations

When we first started working with the CRO, they wanted to stand out from the crowd in a dense, scientific communications space. As their competitors are multinational organizations, they needed a smart strategy to gain visibility and position themselves as leaders in a highly-competitive industry.

The company’s goal was to show up in search results for terms related to imaging CRO and imaging services, but their competitors had vastly larger domains. We started producing content related to these terms to increase their domain size and index hundreds of keywords on the topic. The content also needed to be engaging and shareable — both on social media and in their newsletter.

Instead of putting out the same content as their competitors, we decided to create blog posts and e-books around emerging science topics. The goal was to position the company as thought leaders in the space. This led to the production of an e-book on the subject of PRRT.

Result: Ranking Number 1 in Relevant Searches 

When we started working with them, they had a domain size of 28 pages. They now have over 130.

As a result, the organization ranked #1 in the USA for their goal term in under 9 months, beating their competitors. They appeared in vendor research processes and were included on RFPs with their much larger competitors.

We have also held their site-wide conversion rate at over 1.5% every month since October 2018, which is high for a services company.

Challenge: Generating Targeted Leads

The CRO wanted to be able to identify anonymous website traffic in order to generate more leads. They also needed to encourage website visitors who came from social media and search engines to submit their email addresses.
We created e-books on imaging in clinical trials and newsletter sign-ups on their website to generate leads online.

We also developed focused LinkedIn ad campaigns that specifically targeted job titles such as CMOs and ClinOps leaders to get the most out of ad spend.

Result: Significantly Reduced Lead Generation Costs

At the start of the process, we were spending $300 per lead generated. Using our ad optimization process, we reduced this to less than $100 per lead in just three months.

Challenge: Driving New Business During the Covid-19 Pandemic

In-person conferences were traditionally the best source for the company when it came to driving new business development and establishing important relationships. When the Covid-19 pandemic hit, and all conferences were canceled or became virtual, we needed to find a new way to continue to drive growth.

We created an online interview series, which invited industry leaders to share their expertise. Interview guests would also be encouraged to share the content with their network, furthering the reach of the blog posts.

Result: Building Successful Relationships Virtually

The CRO was able to build new relationships and cultivate existing ones in a more effective way than via email and sales phone calls.

By giving industry leaders a platform to cement their reputation as thought leaders, they were able to build a rapport with interview guests in a similar way to in-person events.

Looking to the Future

We’ve already increased website traffic by 400% for this leading CRO, and that figure just keeps on growing. We continue to find new ways we can add value in every aspect of their marketing process, whether it’s content creation, ad campaigns, or email marketing programs.


Download the Full PDF


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