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How We Grew a CRO's Sales Pipeline and Web Traffic by 700% in 8 Months

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Numbers & Highlights

Timeline: 8 months

    • New corporate identity, including logo, tagline, website, and associated materials such as business cards and sales presentation decks

    • Over $10 Million is sales pipeline value generated from Bracken Marketing activity

    • 7,950 new pageviews to website

    • Average month over month traffic growth: 30%

    • Organic search traffic growth: 126%

    • Pageviews acquired from social: 1,101

    • In the 8th month of the program, 23 inbound sales leads were generating from digital marketing activity

    • All new digital marketing and sales infrastructure in place including Squarespace, Google Analytics, HubSpot Marketing Software, and HubSpot CRM

      ClinSmart_Web_TrafficServices Included

      • Marketing Plan

      • New Brand Styleguide

      • New Logo and Tagline

      • Sales Presentations Developed

      • New Website

      • Social Media Optimization

      • Search Engine Optimization

      • Lead Generation Optimization

      • Blogging Program

      • Social Media Marketing Program

      • Email Marketing Program

      • Event Marketing Support

      • HubSpot Marketing Software Implementation

      • CRM Implementation

      • Marketing and Sales Reporting

      • Lead Management and Business Development Support

      More details on exactly what went into each of these activities in in the Services Breakdown section below.



      ClinSmart is a small CRO in the Philadelphia area, who had tried a variety of methods of growing their revenue to no avail. They had stuck to traditional biopharma sales and marketing tactics to win new contracts, but this strategy became less effective over time. At the same time, existing contracts were coming to a close, and something drastic had to take place in order to close the gaps.

      In 2016, ClinSmart approached Bracken Marketing to explore if a revitalized company image, and modern marketing and sales approach could bring the sales pipeline growth they needed. This case study outlines the results of exploring their challenges, goals, and potential.

      Within the first 8 months of ClinSmart’s new sales and marketing program goals for the year have been exceeded, with over $10 million in sales pipeline generated, and over 30% traffic growth every month since we have serviced their account.

      We approached the ClinSmart program by conducting a thorough analysis of their internal strengths and weaknesses, and the market landscape. We asked ourselves and ClinSmart questions like, “where in operations are the largest improvements needed?”, “what is our largest market opportunity?’, and “what do prospects think of when they hear ‘ClinSmart’?”

      The new program kicked off with a 15-page marketing plan packed with data, such as the expected market growth for contract research organizations over the coming years. We dissected the methods by which sponsors are outsourcing clinical research, and put together a detailed 1-year plan on how to combine strengths and opportunities to capitalize on a winning strategy.

      Then we started the process of creating ClinSmart with a new corporate identity. Countless logos, taglines, and color pallettes were brainstormed, until the logo you see associated with ClinSmart today was finalized. From there we worked on putting together a brand new website, complete with new messaging and new market positioning. The launch of this website marked the launch of a new blogging program, social media program, email marketing program, business development process, and much more. Read below for details on the services we provided to reach such successful outcomes.



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