Educate, Inform, Convert


“Don’t raise your voice, improve your argument.”

            – Desmond Tutu

You don’t have to shout to be heard. Even online.

Your business has unique insight and expertise. Sharing that with the world through blogging is a powerful way to build your authority and position yourself as a thought leader in the market.

As a key part of your inbound marketing arsenal, blogging not only helps you get found online but shows prospects that you know your stuff and should be trusted with their business.

Aim to use your words to educate and inform, which will ultimately capture mind-share and convert.

Words are powerful, but so is the way you present the content. This means focusing on:

  • Attention-grabbing headlines
  • Powerful stats
  • Pull-out quotes
  • Intelligent CTAs

Bracken's Blogging Expertise for Digital Health

We don’t do generic. The content we produce is unique, relevant, and pushes boundaries. Our industry-leading journalists and copywriters work with your in-house experts to create writing briefs, interview experts, and craft blogs that convert. Then we use our designers and technical marketers to format, package, optimize, and distribute.

We work with your company to understand your customers’ pain points and create content that guides them towards solutions.

The blogging services we provide include:

  • Writing and editing
  • Packaging, formatting, and design
  • On-site optimization
  • Buyer persona research
  • Style guide creation
  • Idea generation
  • Keyword research
  • Edits and revisions
  • Content distribution

Press Releases
We Speak The Language That Makes Your News a Must-Read

We'll help you get the attention of digital health and life science journalists. Our copywriters and experts speak their language and will get your business the news outlet coverage you need to gain the exposure you want.

Give Your Content a Design Boost that Delivers Results

Inject life into your content with a powerfully designed infographic. Impress leads and partners while delivering important information. Our team can produce the perfect combination of attractive design and compelling content.

Success Begins When the Right Audience Can Find You

A winning Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy will have the right audience finding your business. SEO is a complex and always evolving process. We'll develop and implement your SEO strategy to maximize your online presence.

Social Media Marketing
The Starting Block for Conversations

When properly managed, social media platforms can be one of the most influential conversation starters in the health industry. Our social media superstars know how to build a strategy that is in-line with your brand's values, audience, and goals.

eBooks & Whitepapers
Use Your Expertise to Build a Brand that People Trust

Sometimes a blog post or email campaign won't cut it. eBooks and whitepapers give you the opportunity to provide a depth of information that establishes your credibility and leadership in your market. Our team of medical writers and marketers will help you create this valuable content and get it in front of key decision makers.


It’s all about you. Let’s dive in.

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