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Top Productivity Tools for Time Crunched Marketers

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Did you know that learning and using keyboard shortcuts instead of clicking with your mouse saves 2 seconds per minute of work? It may not seem like much, but those 2 seconds over the course of a year add up to 8 days. That’s right – just using keyboard shortcuts could save you 8 days’ worth of mouse-clicking per year.

This is the power of productivity hacks, and it doesn’t stop with keyword shortcuts. One of the biggest time savers we can all leverage are tools, such as desktop apps and Chrome extensions. In this post, I’m going to share 9 tools I’ve been using for years that save me days of time over the course of the year.

I’d like to address that we’ve likely all seen these “Top Productivity Tools” blog posts before. But I promise you I’m pulling out some of my lesser known favorites. In this list, you will find tools that you’ve never used before. I am sure.

1. Ditto

I’m pulling this one up first because it’s one of my favorites, and when I asked around, no one had heard of it.

Ditto is a clipboard manager. When you copy and paste anything, Ditto can save it. When Ditto is running in the background, a keyboard shortcut will open Ditto which immediately shows the last 10 things you’ve copy and pasted. Ever been stuck with a task where you need to copy and paste two or more different things repeatedly? With Ditto, these tasks are lightning fast.

Another great feature is you can create shortcuts for specific strings of text. Using Ditto, I have keyboard shortcuts for snippets I commonly use when writing code or emails.

2. Trello

Trello is well-known, but I need to include it because I can’t think of another work tool I’ve used as consistently for the past 5 years. They have maintained the tool well and built great integrations with other tools such as Slack while keeping the interface simple. Even better, it’s still free.

For those not familiar with Trello, at it’s simplest it can be used to create lists. When used with more complexity it can be used to manage large projects that have lots of moving pieces.

My love for Trello lies in its simplicity and free pricing. For comparison, other project management tools have too many bells and whistles attached. This makes them harder to understand and pricey, which is intimidating to new users.

When I’m onboarding a new marketing client, I want them to use the project management tool I put in place. If they don’t use it, all the project management effort is for naught.

Every client I introduce to Trello picks it up immediately, and because it’s free they are empowered to build their own personal project management around it.

3. Twitcher (Chrome Extension)

Do you manage more than one Twitter account? Twitcher allows you to switch between Twitter accounts without logging out. I manage seven handles. With Twitcher I can quickly check notifications for all of them in one fell swoop.


4. Full Page Screenshot (chrome extension)

This is a great tool for taking a screenshot of an entire web page. Using this tool, I can quickly capture full-page images of the websites Bracken has designed and put them into case studies.

5. Eyedropper (chrome extension)

I work with many clients which means I can’t memorize the color codes for each specific shade of each brand.  To be honest, sometimes I don’t remember the exact color shades of my own brand. When I’m editing web content, or helping our designers, I need to get info about a color fast.

When this is the case, I go to the client’s website, click Eyedropper in my Chrome toolbar, and then mouse over the color I’m looking for. The tool tells me the color’s name, hex code, RGB, and HSL. It shows my recent history of colors and has a feature for converting entire web pages into color palettes.


If you ever try to email a stranger (I’m looking at you business development pros) check out Hunter. Once you create a free account on this tool, you can enter the website of a company and find out their email address pattern. For example, many companies are while others are first initial then last name

If you are building spreadsheets of contacts and you want to guess the email address for outreach, this tool helps. Paired with LinkedIn it becomes a powerful combo for your prospecting campaign.

7.  Jing

There are a variety of great screenshot/image capture tools out there. Jing is my favorite. I have it setup to launch the screenshot crosshairs with a keyboard shortcut. Once I’ve captured the image I want, I can directly draw, insert arrows, or write text onto it. I can then save it to my computer or instantly create a link for the image which anyone can access.


Are you guessing email addresses using Before you send out an email to a mass amount of guessed email addresses, verify as many as you can ahead of time. This tool lets you do just that. Enter an email address and MailTester will ping the address to find out if it’s verified, or if it’s not an existing inbox. It can’t confirm every email address but it is worth a try since it’s free.

Sidenote: Why would you take the time to verify email addresses? Because associated with every email address is a “sender score” tracked by major email providers like Gmail and Microsoft. They use this to monitor spammers. If an email address sends a high volume of emails that bounce, it’s a good sign the user is a spammer, and the sender score goes down. If your sender score is too low, your emails will go directly to the recipient’s junk folder.

9. HubSpot Meetings

HubSpot Meetings allows anyone with my personal link to view my calendar and book a meeting. Why is this powerful?  Because instead of losing momentum on conversations with the wretched “when are you free?” back and forth, I can provide the HubSpot Meetings link for folks to see when I’m available. They can also book a meeting directly.

This tool is great because it has a lot of customizable settings. I can tell the system that I want 30-minute breaks between all meetings or that I don’t want anyone scheduling with me on Thursday afternoons. I can also create different meeting links with different settings.

 This has saved me so much time on sales emails or even scheduling calls with my team.

Bracken Marketing is a certified HubSpot Partner Agency. If you’d like to see the tool, click this meetings link. If you want to discuss sales or marketing, or more productivity tools, use the link to book some time on my calendar.


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