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The technology age has brought with it many opportunities for businesses to better manage their teams, increase productivity, improve their marketing, and save money in various areas. This is true of companies of all shapes and sizes, from life science startups to repair shops to clothing boutiques. Some of the tech out there may not be worth the investment for your company, but some of it can be too beneficial to pass up. If you’re a small business owner who is looking for the right tech, here are some options you may want to consider for your company:

Tech for Life Sciences

As with virtually any industry, tech can be the tool that carries you to success in life sciences. For instance, a life science startup can thrive by digitizing all their assets and processes, which strengthens data integrity and helps the company make essential information readily available to investors and, eventually, stakeholders. Also, implementing data analytics to your processes and products can make data management much more efficient. Furthermore, the ability to collaborate with team members and partnering organizations on projects is critical, which is why you want to ensure you have all the necessary collaboration tools.

Data Security Tech

Cybersecurity concerns are growing as quickly as technology is, and companies of all kinds should take it very seriously if they want to avoid a devastating blow to their success. No matter what you sell—and no matter how big or small your business—investing in data security tech should be a top priority. Here are a few data security essentials to consider:

  • Anti-malware software

  • Firewalls

  • Encryption programs

  • Anti-spyware software

  • Network security

  • Cloud security

Another key security investment to make as a business owner is data loss prevention (DLP). A DLP program ensures that your intellectual property and customers’ data is protected. One product to consider is Microsoft’s Office 365, which includes DLP features you can manage yourself, along with all the benefits of the Office suite. Subscribing to a DLP program should be a top priority for your company, whether it’s with Office 365 or another high-quality service.

Facility Management Tech

Clean and monitored facilities is another important factor in all types of business. Whether you rent an office space or work from home, managing a facility is key to fostering productivity and providing a safe and comfortable work environment. Be sure to look into all the smart tech that can help in this area, such as vacuums, lighting, thermostats, security systems and so on.

Social Media Marketing

When it comes to marketing your business, social media is hard to beat. Features like consumer behavior analytics and pay-per-click advertisement can give your company a big boost at a reasonable price. Even if you don’t invest in these features, you can still promote your products and services, make important announcements, and connect with your customers by simply having a social media profile.  

Another thing to consider regarding social media is influencer marketing. Influencers are people who have a significant number of followers on social media sites like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Ideally, you will hire an influencer who believes in your product or service, and they will promote your brand on their page and encourage others to share information about your company. If you get the right influencer, it can quickly get the word out.

There is some tech that your business must embrace if you don’t want to get left behind in today’s world. Look into tech options like those mentioned in this article, and evaluate your needs and goals as a company. Remember that the right tech is well worth the investment, because it can help you achieve your goals and ultimately make your business money. 

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