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Tech to Help All Types of Businesses Succeed

The technology age has brought with it many opportunities for businesses to better manage their teams, increase productivity, improve their marketing, and save money in various areas. This is true of companies of all shapes and sizes, from life science startups to repair shops to clothing boutiques. Some of the tech out there may not be worth the investment for your company, but some of it can be too beneficial to pass up. If you’re a small business owner who is looking for the right tech, here are some options you may want to consider for your company.

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The Bracken Marketing Approach to Social Media for Life Sciences Companies

Social media can be a deceiving marketing channel, especially in an industry as nuanced as life science. On one hand, it’s a must-have channel for driving awareness and engagement with your brand and seems easy to execute. On the other, with so many social media marketing (SMM) options out there, it’s easy to get stuck putting in high-volumes of effort for very little results. Don’t get caught in the trap! Be judicious with your SMM efforts, and understand all  the options in front of you that will make it a successful channel.

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