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How to Bring a Scientific Approach to Marketing

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Every company out there is unique, due to a combination of things such as:

  • Competitive landscape

  • Market positioning

  • Nuances of its product and services

  • Employees and core competencies

    Therefore the sales and marketing stages of each company are unique. The job of sales and marketing teams is to find the specific keywords, tone, target persona, content-type and myriad other variables that produce an optimal sales and marketing process for their business.

This process is called optimization. Digital marketers can take a scientific approach to sales and marketing by optimizing with the following 4-step process:

1. Hypothesize

Formalize ideas about what might improve your marketing

2. Experiment

Put new marketing ideas into action

3. Analyze

Measure and evaluate if the new marketing activity actually improves results

4. Iterate and Repeat

Apply learnings from your experiment to your entire marketing process, then go back to hypothesizing new ideas.

This 4 step process can be applied to marketing activities big and small. On a large scale, you might experiment with how adopting a blog program improves your site traffic. On a small scale, you might experiment if changing a button on your site from red to green changes the number of clicks it receives. Let's walk through the latter example together:

1. Hypothesize

"By changing this button on our site from red to green, I think it will get more clicks, have more visitors clicking through to the next page, and reduce our bounce rate".

2. Experiment

Keep a version of a red button on your site, but implement a green button on your site. Do this in a way where you can measure the click-through-rate (clicks divided by views) of each.

3. Analyze

Did the green button receive a higher click-through rate than the red buttons? Was there a decrease in bounce rate on pages where there green button appears?

4. Iterate and Repeat

If changing button color from red to green did produce positive results, now go change all red buttons on your site to green. Hypothesize another way in which you can improve your buttons, such as changing the text, and see what happens.

Proper optimization requires a meticulous reporting infrastructure – all the more reason to use a digital marketing process that can be measured every step of the way. The example above about button color is a small scale experiment. If you haven't spent much time optimizing your marketing yet, think about what you can do that will dramatically improve the following workflow:


Thinking in this way allows you to bring a scientific approach to sales and marketing. By doing so, you will be able to optimize your business for revenue generation. Consider this post a brief introduction on the topic. There is a whole world out there on the subject of marketing optimization, also known as "growth marketing". Be sure to do more research if you find this topic interesting.


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