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I spent most of my 30+ year career in the pharmaceutical industry, starting at the bench as a medicinal chemist (can you say black tar at the bottom of a flask from a failed experiment!), moving into the library as a chemistry literature and patent searcher, and finished my career in pharmaceuticals as an IT project manager. 

No matter what job I held, I always wanted to know what was happening in the industry.  At first, I was on routing lists for print newsletters and journals that showed up in my mailbox.  But the process was slow and by the time I got my newsletter, the information could be weeks or months (even years!) old.  As technology changed, so did the way I learned about industry happenings, and those changes sped up the arrival of news to my desktop.

There are several ways to keep up with the stories posted on the industry news sites.  You can:

  • Visit them daily to read the latest and greatest

  • Follow the publication or specific writers on Twitter

  • Subscribe to a daily email

  • Subscribe via an RSS feed (RSS reader required)

Today, there is a long list of free, freemium, and subscription sources that keep life science professionals, in all the different disciplines, up to date on industry happenings.  The list below contains our favorite “publications” for keeping up on the day to day and bigger picture events happening in the industry. And don’t forget to follow the national health authorities for news directly from the agencies.



Free with Select Subscription Only Content


Subscription only


Health Authorities

I’m sure you have your own favorite industry news sources and hope that this list will bring a few new sources to round out your daily reading list.


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