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An Interactive Look at the 360+ Companies that Make Up the Global eClinical Market

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eClinical, the software ecosystem around clinical trials, is an industry we’ve come to love. You probably have, too, if you’ve spent time here exploring what it’s like supporting the world’s greatest research scientists, software architects, UX designers, and sales visionaries. The eClinical market is the birthplace of digital therapeutics, a sub-category that’s putting computer algorithms at the heart of medical research. It’s where software creators are accountable for their code like a doctor is for their patients and prescriptions. It’s also a category run by people who refuse to be discouraged by the difficulties of navigating patient health, monolithic organizations, complex science, rigorous regulations, and broken global systems.

Since most of our clients are in the eClinical industry, it’s where we conduct our most detailed market analysis. We know this space as well as anyone - and want to share our valuable industry data with you, via an interactive dashboard.

  • We conducted the analysis in 2018 and found 192 companies that fit our criteria as ‘pure’ eClinical businesses. Since then, the number has grown to over 400, spanning internationally, and employing up to 160,000 people (according to LinkedIn data).
  • By the number of companies, the market has seen a 12-15% CAGR by industry valuation and 30% growth by number of companies since 2016, a big boom by any industry standard. What’s more? 


The Dashboard

We have embedded the dashboard below. 

To view in full screen, click the double arrows icon in the bottom-right of the dashboard.


About Our Analysis

What makes an eClinical company? eClinical (clinical trial software) is to the clinical trial ecosystem what FinTech is to financial services or EdTech is to the education industry.

For our analysis, we only included companies that are primarily software companies for the clinical trial market. This excludes companies that are primarily services firms (CROs with proprietary software, for example).

  • We omitted companies whose software is not purpose-built for clinical trials, such as a number of data security companies that offer their same product to verticals like government, education, construction, and so on.
  • One question that created an internal debate was if we should include companies that provide electronic medical records (EMR) or electronic health records (EHR) software. As you might imagine, opening up such criteria would blur the lines between healthcare and eClinical software, and create an avalanche of healthcare-related software data to analyze. We had to draw the line.
  • Finally, there are a number of existing eClinical applications that do not have full-time employees behind the business. These were also ruled out.

The resulting list accounts for 360 companies. If you feel we’ve missed something, or if you know of a company that should be added to the list post-publication, please don’t hesitate to let us know. We can be reached at


Cams headshotCameron Cooper, a Recruiter at Unite Us, was instrumental in working with Bracken to produce the above analysis. From the beginning of his career, he’s worked across the healthcare sector working on consulting engagements with some of the largest hospital systems and technology companies to then recruiting top talent for cutting edge B2B HealthTech and life sciences SaaS startups. He now works with an exceptional talent acquisition team, collaborating with the brightest minds on a mission to transform the system by building infrastructure connecting health and social care to address issues at the root of poor health outcomes.


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