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How to Come Up with 50 Blog Post Ideas for Any Business

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Throughout the year I consult with dozens of life science businesses. I help them analyze their buyers, sales process, product/service offering, messaging... you name it. The goal of these consultations is to gather the information necessary to put together a marketing plan. Usually, one of the pieces of a plan is a content program that produces 50 blog posts per year (read here about why I believe blogging is the backbone to a life science marketing strategy).

When blogging comes up, I commonly hear: “We can’t come up with 50 blog posts about what we do!” To this I say, I respectfully disagree.

I hear this objection especially when I’m consulting for a business with a hyper-specific service. And I can definitely see why the company thinks this is a high hurdle to jump over. Two actual examples which come to mind are from companies with services related to these topics:

  1. RNA sequencing for breast cancer applications

  2. FDA guidelines on electronic signatures

Coming up with 50 quality blog posts related to such a specific business area is difficult. At Bracken Marketing, we help our clients to get over this hurdle all the time. Here are some of the tricks we use to generate blog post ideas.

The Obvious

First, any topic or business should bring at least a few ideas to mind.

  • “What you need to know about [topic]”

  • “The story of [company]”

  • “Why the industry needs to give more attention to [topic]”.

Keyword Research

  • Make a list of queries related to the topic people might put into search engines to find your business

  • Enter each search query into Google, look at the “related searches” section, and add these to your blog topic list

  • Generate blog post ideas that would answer each query

Buyer Persona Analysis

  • Think about the different buyers, the buyer personas, your business engages. For example, project managers, procurement directors, chief scientific officers, etc.
  • Come up with blog post titles specific to each type of buyer personas (i.e., Why Project Managers Need XYZ)

Conversion Path Planning

Break the marketing funnel into stages. We like to use “awareness, consideration, decision”.

    • Think about what topics convert readers from “awareness” to the decision/sales stage.

    • What would blog posts serve as awareness pieces for the topic?

    • What blog posts would be a natural follow-up to the ideas you've already generated?

    • What blog posts would convert “awareness” readers into “consideration”. In other words, what would entice your reader to learn more about the topic in a way that would make them consider a 3rd party solution to assist with the topic?

    • What blog posts would help a reader decide that your company is the best company to assist with the topic?

Frequently Asked Questions/Sales

  • What are the most common questions you get about your business? Write a blog post for each as part of a FAQ post.

  • What specific questions do your salespeople get on sales calls? Ask them. Write a blog post for each.

  • What’s something your salespeople wish their leads knew more about? Write a blog post for any ideas that come up.

Headline Formulas

Sometimes headline formulas trigger the perfect blog post ideas. The most common are:

  • How to XYZ

  • 10 reasons you should XYZ

  • 10 tips to help with XYZ

  • Why you should not XYZ

  • Why the industry should pay more attention to XYZ

  • The toughest challenges surrounding XYZ

  • The best resource for [buyer persona]

Check out these blog posts that provide lists of headline ideas and formulas:


  • Interview colleagues or thought leaders in your area and transcribe the interviews into blog posts

  • Ask them which topics interest them most, then produce follow-up posts to the interview

  • You get bonus points when you turn one interview into multiple pieces of content!

Scan News Outlets

  • Search industry news outlets for your key topic to generate ideas

  • Recap news items related to your key topic

  • Use Google Alerts to track when new items about your key topic come up and create related blog content


  • Conduct a survey related to your topic

  • Create a blog post that contains the questions, answers, and key findings (Here’s an example of what we’ve done at Bracken Marketing)

  • Use key findings to create standalone blog posts

Ask a Friend

Even if they know nothing about the topic or industry, ask someone else what they think about the topic.

  • Ask them what aspects of the topic they find most interesting

  • Ask them what more they would want to know

  • If they know about the topic, dig into common misconceptions they might have or follow-up questions they ask about the related to the topic. These provide ideas for blog posts!

As you can see, coming up with a list of blog post ideas on any topic becomes easy when you stop overthinking it. The problem shouldn’t be coming up with ideas but how to execute on all the ideas you’ve come up with.


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