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Why Content is the Backbone of a Biopharma Marketing Strategy

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The activity that drives an effective digital marketing program is content production, which is why we specifically callout content in our visuals (such as in this post, How Biopharma Teams Should Visualize the Sales and Marketing Process). Examples of content include:

  • blog posts

  • case studies

  • webinars

  • whitepapers and ebooks

Here is why content works for biopharma marketing:

Reason to Keep Coming Back

People won’t naturally check up on your site to see if there have been any updates. But if they know that you regularly publish helpful high-quality content, they just might. And there’s an even higher chance they will if you use this new content as a means to connect via email or social media.

Establishes Credibility

Good content can generate traffic, which generates positive brand awareness. But content can also engage with folks on a deeper level, and this establishes credibility.

If you take the time to produce content that is actually helpful to biopharma professionals, they will recognize you as the brand that knows what they are talking about.

They think of you when they need help on the topics you write about and come to you with their business. When this happens, a high-quality sales conversation takes place.

Aligns Your Service or Product as a Solution to Problems

Let’s say that one of your services involves improving patient retention in clinical trials, and you have published a blog post about ways to improve patient retention. At the end of this helpful post you have included a call-to-action in the form of a contact form a reader is able to submit if they would like to talk to a specialist about patient retention.

Now picture someone on a clinical operations team searching on Google how to improve patient retention. Chances are they are conducting this research because they are having problems with patient retention, and are open to hearing about solutions.

Likely your post will show up in their research. If it’s written well, they will take the time to read it. They might also take the time to sign up to speak with your sales team about patient retention solutions. In this way content has helped you get in front of the perfect sales prospect, at the perfect timing, to start a sales conversation. This is because you anticipated your target market’s research process, and created content that aligned with your service.

Fuels a Healthy Digital Marketing Strategy

"Websites with a blog have 434% more indexed pages on average than those without" -TechClient

If your company is routinely publishing new marketing content, the following three digital marketing activities become much more effective:

1. Social Media

Blog content gives you a reason to be posting new content on social media.

Take Twitter for example. If there are 5 to 10 different ways to tweet about a single blog post (tweet only the title of the blog post, tweet only a quote from the blog post, summarize the post in a sentence, and so on) then a publishing schedule of one blog post per week should fuel 20-40 tweets per month.

If you post weekly on Linkedin, having a new blog post each week will ensure you always have something fresh and engaging to post. It prevents you from needing to repost old content, or share that slightly boring third party news article.

2. SEO

The more blog content you produce, the more keywords you will likely have associated with your website. The more keywords, the wider the net you are casting to be found on search engine results.

A routine blogging program is the surest way to make sure you consistently expanding your exposure on search engine results. As a result, a blogging program will grow the volume of search engine traffic your website acquires.

In fact, according to TechClient, websites with a blog have 434% more indexed pages on average than those without.

3. Email Marketing

Email marketing is a tough activity to get right. Many teams have the mechanics in place to conduct email marketing campaigns, but aren’t sure what to send to their contacts.

Strategies such as asking strangers to attend an event, set up a call with your sales team, or visit your home page is going to come off as spammy. Effective email marketing starts with the showing an understanding of the recipient, and actually delivering value.

Providing helpful, targeted, content to your contact database will improve engagement of your marketing emails.

For example, you could write a blog post about how to overcome common problems clinical operations teams face, and send this to contacts in your database who have “clinical operations” in their job title. Repeat this blogging and email process for different target personas such as executives, project managers, procurement specialists, etc.

Content Can Be Leveraged to Influence the Sales Process

In the same way blog content can bring purpose to your marketing emails, a good blog post can act as the “trigger” to re-engage a sales prospect.

Sometimes your salespeople lose momentum with their prospects. People naturally forget about the buying processes they are in when new work is put on their plate. Your company might have fallen off the radar for folks who were just evaluating your proposal or bid defense a few weeks ago.

A well-timed email with a helpful piece of content will provide a positive engagement, put your company back on this prospect’s radar, and bring your sales process one step closer to a signed contract.

The blog post acted as a “trigger” because it provided the salesperson with an opportunity to re-engage and appear thoughtful. As a result, your marketing team provided the means to save a lost sale.


  • Routinely publishing digital marketing content gives people a reason to keep coming back to your website

  • Helpful marketing content will establish credibility for your brand

  • Content fuels a healthy digital marketing program, especially social media, SEO, and email marketing.

  • Content that provides value can be used as a trigger in the sales process, and save lost deals.


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