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9 Assets to Revisit When Refreshing Your Business' Brand

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Have you ever looked at your house or garden and thought, the living room need a fresh coat of paint or the flowers in the big planter are looking a little tired?  Every now and then, certain things in our lives need a spruce! 

In the fast-changing business world, our brand is a place where we should consider giving our look, our image a spruce.  As a business, we present many different faces to our current and future customers.  A refresh of your company’s brand isn’t just about your website, the spruce, the change influences all the customer facing pieces of your business.  Here are the nine places you should consider as you look to do your refresh.

1. Boilerplate 

Your two-sentence company description.  These two sentences should convey the purpose of your company in simple, easy to understand terms.

2. Logo

Even before businesses had websites and social media accounts they had logos.  In some cases, the logo is so iconic that it has stayed the same for a very very long time, think IBM or DuPont.  In other cases, logos have gotten refreshed subtlety or boldly over the life of the business.  pepsi_logosChanges to your logo can be as simple as a different shade of the same color you use now, change to the font type or its size.  If the entire focus of your company is changing, then be bold, rethink your logo from the ground up.

- A Story from the Bracken Marketing Archives-

We recently completed a website refresh for a client. Our client chose not to refresh their logo along with the new site, but did want an updated color palette.  That posed a challenge for Bracken Marketing and our clients website team. The predominant color in their logo was not part of their new color palette.  In looking at the new palette, we determined that it was possible to integrate the primary logo color as an accent in the new set of colors.  By doing this, the logo looked fresher and matched the website that was created.

3. Website

Your website is generally the first place current and especially, potential customers, interact with you.  As you refresh your brand, consider these best practices when choosing the theme and images you will use on your site. Consider the color palette you will be using and how it will translate over the life of your site.  Are theme and images e in keeping with the message you want to share with your customer?

If you are not going to refresh your entire website, consider focusing on one or two of these five sections.  Be sure to carry your refreshed theme and images throughout these pages: 

  • Homepage – The first stop for anyone interested in your company. Make it memorable

  • Careers page – To attract new talent, this page should share your company’s story and how a new staffer can make an impact

  • Services pages – Make them clear and concise. Potential customers should learn enough to catch their interest and want to request more from you

  • Team page – The background of your team matters. It can make the difference between a new client requesting more information or looking for another company to work with. Update the head shots of your leadership team here and on LinkedIn.

  • Blog – Blogs share your viewpoint about concepts related to your company. They are a way to draw customers in to your website. Set a tone that matches what your company is all about.

4.  Social Media Profile

As you refresh your theme and images, be sure that you have a consistent message across all the platforms you use to interact with customers. Review what you use and if these channels to their full effect.  Don’t forget to update cover and profile pictures to match any changes you’ve made to your website.



5.  eBook and Case Study Templates

These are two important ways company’s share information with customers.  Ask yourself “is the eBook format easy to read, can customers glean the important points we are sharing, and most importantly, can customers contact us easily as they read these items?”

6.  Sales Presentations

As you work through your refresh, it’s important to align the look and feel of your presentations with the updated website and social media account.  As you update your messages in cyberspace make sure that you carry it through to your sales presentations as well. Every interaction with your brand should provide one cohesive look and feel.

7.  Business Cards

Even in 2018, people still ask, “Do you have a card?”  It may seem like a small thing but business cards remain an important part of the business world.  They are another item to align with any changes you’ve made to your website or logo.  Make sure your company logo is prominent.  Eye ball recognition is important!

8.  Tradeshow Booth

It’s not just the booth!  All of the banners, presentations whether static or video, sales collateral (e.g., flyers, user guides, company overview, etc.), and even your company apparel need to match your refreshed look. 

9.  SWAG

We have all been to professional meetings or trade shows - who needs another pen or chip clip?  What can you give to your current/potential customers that is different and will help them remember your company?   If your company’s theme has a nature aspect, how about a small flower pot with the company logo along with some soil and seeds to plant when they get home?  As a plant lover, I’d be thrilled to take that from a vendor’s booth instead of the millionth pen I will never use.  Whatever you give away, make it memorable!!

Side-story: In effort to think differently about SWAG, at an event last year, the Bracken Marketing team distributed 500 toy cars with a branded tag attached. The tag read “Drive traffic. Accelerate sales.” and had our company info on it. It was a huge hit, especially with conference goers with kids who were taking the cars home.

Spring is finally here, and so is spring cleaning!  As you’re tidying up your house, your garden, and maybe even your closet, also think about what tidying up you can do with your brand!


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