Jumpstart your growth with advertising.

Happy with your organic strategy, but want to take things to the next level? Paid Advertising can help boost your company’s growth. Whether that’s leads, sales, sign-ups, or otherwise, a strategy in advertising will get you to your goals faster.


Advertising for Digital Health

Acquiring high quality leads and sales can be tough in the digital health industry. It’s difficult to get ads in front of the right audience, and determining that audience can be costly. Our experience managing over $1 Million in media spend gives us a leg up at helping you succeed. We’ll help you develop a strategy, segment your audience, and run tests to determine what works best for your business.

Bracken Can Manage All Your Channels

With unique customers comes unique needs. As an agency we pride ourselves on staying up to date on the latest in advertising platforms, with experience in:

  • LinkedIn
  • Google
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Quora
  • Bing
  • Syndication and advertorial networks

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  2. Growth tactics
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  5. Content Strategy

Success Begins When the Right Audience Can Find You

A winning Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy will have the right audience finding your business. SEO is a complex and always evolving process. We'll develop and implement your SEO strategy to maximize your online presence.

Growth Marketing
Strategic Growth Tactics to Increase Revenue Generation

Your growth strategy is multi-faceted. We'll bring it all together with a cohesive strategy that will connect with decision makers and drive new business. It all starts with an audit.

Inbound Marketing
Inbound Solutions that Turn Leads into Promoters

Eliminating the friction from marketing and customer experience leads to long-term relationships and higher revenue. Our team combines technical, marketing, and medical expertise to develop strategies that drive awareness, create leads, and deliver long-term customers who become your promoters.

Effective Copy Means Every Word Counts

Good copy can improve your conversion rate by 113%. It takes specialists who carefully select every single word they draft in order to get results. Our team of expert copywriters can help generate leads and drive sales through expertly crafted content.


It’s all about you. Let’s dive in.

Enough about us. We want to hear about the specifics of your business. Use this form to schedule a consultation, and one of our revenue growth experts will research your website and join the call ready with personalized recommendations and ideas. We’ll take the time to learn about your specific goals, strengths, and challenges, and discuss how else to grow your revenue.

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