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Digital Marketing

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165-Page eClinical Website
165-Page eClinical Website Launched in 12 Weeks

By pairing design and coding talent with an account manager, and using our 5-phase website project plan, we efficiently got executive buy-in each stage of the way. The entire website was launched, without issue, on-time and on-budget, which was key for the client who had major upcoming events.

6-Figure Sale from Twitter
How We Sourced a 6-Figure Sale from Posting Content and Automating Follow-Up via Twitter

Using a combination of automation and copywriting we gained traction on Twitter, directed twitter users to content, had a high-converting demo CTA within the content, automatically dropped the demo leads into an app to book time with a salesperson, and automated the email follow-up. The salesperson’s first effort was showing up for the scheduled demo. The lead already had multiple touchpoints. We closed the sale a few calls after that.

80 Online Demos
How We Generated 80 Demos for an Analytics Startup, within 5 Months of Launch

The cornerstone of this multi-service approach was our content strategy. We used elements of the product to reveal new information to the market, show them how to save time on tedious business processes, and provided data to journalists who re-shared. Big traffic came in from social, email and SEO channels. Conversion-rate to demo was high.

700% Sales Pipeline Growth
How We Grew a Life Science Firm's Traffic and Sales Pipeline by 700%

It was a lot of work that summed up to a complete brand overhaul. We rebuilt from the ground-up on logo, website, messaging- even sales process and CRM. Combined with a year of publishing 2 blogs per month, we were able to turn digital into a revenue channel for this CRO. Over $30M in proposals and RFPs came in through the website.

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